Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's totally fine.


It's totally fine! What could possibly go wrong? I've been busy... with stuff....

....So I've decided to post this next blog with the help of my drunk roommate...  These are his opinions on my pictures...
This is Andy. And these are his opinions...

"The tin foil coat... I can accept that. but the matching tin foil shoes? That's too far."

"I'm feeling it! Anything with Kyari Pamyu is awesome."

"I dunno... Hot or not? This is borderline. That dress is confusing..."

"Um.... That's a pig. That's a pig cooking a pig. That's pretty much what I think about Korea. It's incestuous."

"This is basically the Clark Kent version of my wife."

"b*tch! You hella skinny! Git off the subway!"

"Does that say Adolf???? Adolf is coming??? Racist."

"That looks delicious."

"Don't hide drugs here."

"Fun not allowed."

"The wonders of Crystal.... Crystal Meth!"

"White Woman. Product name not included."

"Banzai. May the Emperor live 10.000 years. This is Abenomics."

"First female prime minister of Japan"

"Did you notice that I have a new watch??? Did you?? Cause I took out an AD!!!"

"Shinjuku!!! I totally live here!"

"Michelin Man: Because I can wear this to work."

"We'll come back to this. But really, why is this an advertisement??"

"It's okay to sniff them on the train"

"Who said we're an endangered species?"

"I'm going to need to do that pap smear again..."

"Do you know about soy sauce?"

"Staff speaks not only foreigner, but alien as well. Tokyo 2020."

"Throat medicine."

"Your apartment is very nice."

"Interracial gay marriage. It's the future."

"you'll never guess what I did with the bodies."
 Suffice to say, I love my living arrangement.


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