Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Bus Pass is Better Than Your Buss Pass, Part Two

At the beginning of every month, I put 20,000 yen (about $200) on my bus pass. There is a very good reason for this.

...But let's just get to the part where I prove my point.


Now, the obvious question is WHY.... Why is this the greatest??? That's a very legitimate question. Allow me to explain....

These are things that I can LEGITIMATELY BUY WITH MY BUS PASS:

1. Beer.

2. Beer. Literally any time of day.

3. Not just beer, but any liquor or wine...  24/7... from any convenience store. (There is no such thing as "last call" or "government regulated alcohol" in Japan).*

4. Anything you can fit in a vending machine. This is just embarrassing for the rest of the world... guys, I'm sorry... but you are simply not up to snuff in this category.

5. Did I mention vending machines?
And those are both hot and/or cold drinks...

6. Also these machines...

7. Don't know what #6 is? Cool. Me neither. My bus pass is so cool that it LITERALLY DOESN'T MATTER. I'M JUST THROWING THAT SH*T AROUND WHEREVER I WANT.

8. The local grocery store. Not even the "Big Brand Name Place." The small mom-and-pop grocery store next to my house will accept my bus pass as currency.

9. Ramen restaurants! 

10. Most Starbucks.

11. And also these modes of transportation.


JR (regular train)

Shinkansen (bullet train)



Tram or streetcar
I could, potentially, go several weeks without using any currency BUT my bus pass. There is very little left in my every day life that this card cannot take care of. The system is almost all-encompassing.

So please, Toronto... tell me about how hard it is to implement a multi-system train card which would include TWO WHOLE MODES of transportation. The Japanese are snickering in your general direction.

(I'm sorry.... but I did warn you that I would get smug).

Merci beacoup.

*The LCBO is a huge joke to the rest of the world... It's a monopoly on alcohol... I mean, really??? How can you even tolerate this garbage???

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