Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A is for Advertising, Part Two

Introspective-moment time!
You know that moment when you see something WEIRD in a public place... something ODD... and you do a double-take? And then you quickly side-glance to see if anyone nearby is having the same reaction as you... in an attempt to socially justify your reaction? Then you realize that you're the ONLY PERSON who thinks something's a little off about that situation, so you stifle that feeling... and carry on with your life?

Well... I don't do that.

In those moments of oddity, I do one of three things. I...

A: Stare poignantly at the thing in question, so that it attracts unwarranted attention from other people.
Look at that THING! Over THERE!

B: Audibly draw attention to the thing by giggling or making crude snorting sounds.


C: Take really obvious pictures of said odd thing with my incredibly loud camera-phone. I say "incredibly loud camera-phone" because... qu'elle surprise! In Japan it's ACTUALLY A CRIME to have a phone that has a silent function. And for good reason. Google "chikan" or "train perverts" to see why. Heck, I can show you the freaking posters.

If you take pictures of a girl's skirt inappropriately, prepare to have your teeth knocked out. it's that simple.
Moving on.

A couple weeks ago, I asked a bunch of friends of mine to start taking pictures of the random crap (read: advertisements) they saw in their daily lives in Tokyo. Keep in mind- I only asked a certain kind of people, who I knew would produce a certain kind of WEIRD. The last post about advertisements was... let's say; OVERWHELMINGLY RECEIVED.
 So here's the next installment of ads in Tokyo.

Poorly photoshopped sweat.. or something else...?

Taken in a unisex bathroom... looking for "suspicious packages"...

This is just simply amazing and cannot be ignored.

Let's play "guess which one's a dude"... (unless you can read kanji, and then never mind). My guess: the guy with blue feathers- totally asking for it.


Only being able to read this in Japanese makes this funny. There's a joke about being bald... and something about how shiny christmas lights are in comparison.  Ha.

Kim J-gof*ckyourself. On his unicorn. Google it if that doesn't make any sense.


And then there was... shrimp?

DINOSAURS! ...Obviously!

What? No! No thank you! Why would you offer that information??? Seriously! Gawd!

Hah! Fart.

For those moments when you're still drunk from the night before... (sadly, this is actually a thing).

America! F*ck yeah!

Want a hair-piece reasonably priced? Available now, with second-hand sports cars...

*cannibalism* it's what the cool kids are doing!
  This crap never ceases to amaze me. It's quite frankly one of the best parts of living in Tokyo. That "WTF was that" look is one of my favourite things to both witness and experience.
However... Please enjoy responsibly.

Why did he do that? What the hell is going on????
Side-effects may vary.

Oyasumi de gambatte.

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