Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jane Gets a Degree

I've been playing with the idea of a children's book in my head for a while now. Let me know what you think.

Part one: This is Jane...
Jane with her money.
Jane has a good job!
Jane likes her job!
Jane is realistically good at her job!
Yay, Jane!

Jane has worked really hard for 2 years. Jane has tried REALLY HARD to save money, because society says that saving money is important! Yay, Money! Look at all the money Jane has saved.

Part two: Jane has a sudden life-altering crisis...
Jane is worried!

Jane has hit an economic ceiling! Uh-oh!
She can't create a financially stable future with what she currently has!
What is she going to do?!?!
Think, Jane, Think!

Jane has to make changes to her foreseeable career path in order to make more money! Whatever will Jane do to make more money?

Part three: The well of education...
Jane meets the Well Of Education

What's this?
This is the Well Of Education!
Everyone says that if you put money down the Well Of Education, your future will be AWESOME!

Jane conforms to societal pressure and considers the Well Of Education as a possible solution for her financial problems. Good for you, Jane!

Part four: Feeding the well...

Jane feeds the Well of Education

The Well Of Education needs lots of money to work it's magic!
Jane shovels all of her money into the Well Of Education to make it work!
Shovel, Jane, shovel!

Part five: Jane gets an education...

The Well Of Education has given Jane a DEGREE! 
Look at the degree Jane has been given!
It must be great, since so much money and effort has gone into getting it!
Now you can have a great job! 
Good for you, Jane!

Part six: Jane has a degree...

Hang on. Everybody has a degree? 
This piece of paper doesn't make Jane special AT ALL?
Then why does Jane need one of these? 
Why, Jane, Why?

 End scene.

 ... And the moral of the story is... higher-level education is a sham! Yay, shams!

Sweet dreams, children!

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