Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013: Suck it, Mayans!

So... it's a new year. Woot.

December passed by like a breeze. I was so wrapped up in my own shinnanigans that I feel like I missed out on some crucial cultural and social changes.

First order of business: The "Tights-as-pants" concept.

Now, don't get me wrong... tights are great. I am a big "tights enthusiast." Tights are great with skirts, shorts, even the occasional dress. But upon arriving at the Vancouver airport, I was greeted unceremoniously by a something that I could only describe as a 'fleet' of women wearing black leggings in replacement of actual leg-coverage.
Maybe it's the fact that I live in a country where women have statistically improbable leg shapes (i.e. "chopstick legs"), and so wearing tights-as-pants isn't a big deal.
Maybe it's the fact that I've been metaphorically chained to a desk writing research papers for the past 3 months.
Maybe I've simply been too dense to notice a not-so-subtle shift in leg fashion. But honestly...


I'm not normally against the idea of a girl with some "leg-meat", if you will. But I am a firm (pun intended) believer in dressing to your body type. And if you're OVER 250 LBS. and wearing black tights instead of pants... well, that's just unfortunate... for everyone. Around you.

ALSO. If you so choose to make the AMAZINGLY poor fashion choice of wearing tights-as-pants as a 'heftier' girl, then please do not go ahead and then pair it with a TUBE TOP. When you walk, it's like watching a plastic bag filled with jello and gummy bears shake in slow motion. I can't even believe I'm typing this. Trust me when I say that I was VISIBLY UPSET when I realized that this was a new "thing" in Canada. Shame on you, Canada, for allowing this to happen. Personally, I blame Stephen Harper

Moving on.

Thanks to my wonderful parents donating a plane ticket for my vacation back home over the holidays, I was able to actually relax and visit with my loved ones. I would also like to point out that apparently my extended family is rather amoeba-like. Since I've seen them last, they've multiplied again. I have no idea the exact number of cousins I have, but I think it's now around 42. Congrats to everyone.

But now the break is over, and it's good to be back. I've said it before, but Tokyo really does feel more like home these days. I feel a great sense of calm walking through these streets, with their 7 story buildings and neon signs advertising endless variations on karaoke. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I REALLY MISSED SUSHI. Despite all the stress and work, I'm happy to be here.

Je t'aime, Tokyo.

That being said, here are some truly Canadian pictures;

My best friend and her best friend, playing in the snow.

Toronto Government building.

Moose fashion at The Bay. God bless Canada.

Poutine and beer at the diner where they filmed the movie Boondocks Saints.

Christmas polar bear in Dundas Square.

Live trees are 15 dollars. Dead trees...?

So... much... cheese....

Homemade gingerbread.

Christmas tree in Vancouver.

Classic Canadian bar.

Entire aisles of a supermarket dedicated to Kraft dinner.

My brother standing in front of our childhood home.
 Thanks for the memories, Canada. I'll never forget. Here's to a great new year!

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