Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is 'end of days' thing is getting lame.

So since yesterday, every couple hours, I have been receiving news about possible apocalyptic things that could happen to Japan.

At first I was like;
Oh god, there's a horrible catastrophe involving an earthquake and a giant tsunami that destroyed a lot of people and their homes.

Then I was like;

I then went to McDonalds with my roommates to celebrate my invincibility, which seemed the most appropriate way we could think of.
What I did not know, was that McDonalds in Japan is actually SOOOPER fancy. See that #5 on the tray? That means a server will bring you your food. A McDonalds server. A Server. At McDonalds.
Also this;
A poster with a vaguely Asian background with Japanese men in traditional formal wear... which is just an ad for coffee. For Reals. I took two pictures, because I was laughing so hard that I thought I had jiggled the camera.

There was also fancy wallpaper with English nouns strewn around on it in different fonts. My favourite was "TACO Wednesday Trifling  Floor  Scraper". So many possible meanings.

So because we had just eaten McDonalds, my roommates and I were feeling quite gross (a shit sandwich is still a shit sandwich, server or no). So we went for a walk to relieve the pressure.
I'm pretty sure the last one is the most amazing. Someone crocheted a tuque and a poncho for Buddha. I want to hug the grandmother that so obviously did that.

And then we went home and things got serious and real again. The nuclear power plants were starting to blow up. People were being evacuated. Thousands are dead. Thousands more are missing. Rolling blackouts are scheduled for Tokyo. People are clearing out all the food from the grocery stores. The news is scary and has flashing coloured lights.
So at the insistence of my parents and Neil The Tenant Who Is Also A Nuclear Engineer, I grabbed a roommate and took the first train in the morning to a small town south of Tokyo, far away from BAD THINGS. This is me, on a bullet train, at 7 a.m.;
Nobody is happy about this picture.

We went to Shinzuoka, which is a quaint town with lost of old and pretty things to take pictures of. So we did that today;
Ladies and Gentlemen, On your upper-right, a bus with homosexual tendencies.

For those of you that know me a little better, these following pictures will make a lot more sense;
(The trains really look like wangs when they go 300 km/h).

Anyways... Here are some more normal pictures;
The animals were just posters on construction billboards with no apparent explanation. Japan's just spontaneously educational like that. The ad on the subway is for a popular band called 'Big.' They're popular because they're fat. Seriously. The other two pictures are examples of traditional Japanese clothing that people are just wearing around town. It's quite normal to see people wearing these outfits instead of modern clothing. They wear their heritage with such pride here. And they all gave me the 'WTF are you staring at, I'm dressed in AWESOME' look.

Oh yeah. And I saw Mt. Fuji.
But it was from a train, and it was really far away. I might add climbing that thing to my bucket list.

Tomorrow's my first day of work! And it also might be the last day I'm in this country at all, since it seems as if everything's going to hell. I really hope everything works out okay, because I truly love this country and I don't ever want to leave! 

Stay awesome.

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