Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ECC is slowly taking over my life

They're sneaky f*ckers, those ECCers... first playing coy and pretending to want me, then telling me to go home, then telling me to meet them in a different city for another encounter. Like a catholic school girl who can't decide between listening to her teenage hormones and her abstinence training. I've finally gotten into the swing of things here, but not without some serious (and expensive) hiccups. The most annoying of all has been the move from Tokyo to Nagoya, which has definitely had some impact on my bank account. It just means that I will have to be more frugal now, which is a concept I am more than familiar with.
So to recap the last couple days;
This is the new view from my room. ECC has put me (and the other trainees from Tokyo) up in a hotel for the next couple weeks just until our actual placement is decided. Side note: they still want to send me up to Utsunomiya, but I really really don't want to go up north. See previous posts about nuclear reactor as to why.
Granted, the accommodations are generous, but it still doesn't account for the several hundreds of dollars I've spent getting from A to B.

 These colourful ladies are all celebrating their 20th birthday. The part I don't quite understand is why there were hundreds of them. People must like to give birth simultaneously over here or something. I know this country is very collectivist, but COME ON. That's just ridiculous.
On Saturday night we all went out as a group to get drunk and celebrate finally starting our training. We had two consecutive days off, which is a good reason as any to get inebriated. Our night started at this cute little bar just around the corner from the hotel.

 I decided that I should stick to only one kind of alcohol, in order to keep the hangover down, but my theory did not reach practice. The bartender (who spoke perfect English) realized that I like bourbon, and then proceeded to let me try every single one of his bourbons. I stopped counting around 15. But I took a picture of the best one;
Apparently, you can't get this back in North American, even though it's made in Kentucky. Some Japanese guy liked it so much he decided to bring it to Japan, and he wasn't going to share. So this picture is dedicated to a fellow bourbon enthusiast back in Guelph (you know who you are). Don't worry, I'll bring some home with me:)

The second part of that night was a bit of a haze... and thank Jebus, because it involved Karaoke. It got kinda crazy, so forgive me for the blurry pictures;

Yeah, this was the first and last time I will ever do this. Don't get me wrong, I had fun, but it was expensive and totally not my scene. I would prefer to sit in a pub and talk to the locals. There's actually a little "English" pub near to where I'm staying. I say "English" because they don't actually speak the language, but they have fish and chips, as well as Sheppard's pie on the menu. It's a little pricey, but it seems to attract all kinds of hilarious people. Like these girls;

These were the waitresses that night. I can't believe you're not allowed to tip here. I feel weird not tipping someone who has to wear stiletto cowboy boots all night involuntarily.

And now I'm going to go find a cheap beer garden with my fellow trainees.
See ya!

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