Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Still Here. Still Awesome. Love the Awesome.

Hey guys!!!

Vivian here, unapologeitcally updating at some random time because I feel like it!
Ain't life grand??
Yes. Yes it is.

Now, this next part is dedicated to the random internet people that just peruse my blog and have no idea who I am. Please take a moment.... And, notice how I don't care about your feelings. NOTICE IT.

No, seriously... please take note. Because, guess what?? I really, REALLY don't care WHAT YOU THINK. I'm sure most of you are totally amazing and worthy of a nod and/or grunt of approval.


 Some random "global-citizen" (consider that term a softened version of what it should be), has recently taken it upon himself to bombard my blog with his *FEELINGS* about... well, pretty much everything as of late. And well, he's missed the point.

The point of this blog is for me to do WHATEVER THE F*CK I WANT. POST WHATEVER I WANT. AND BE FREAKING AWESOME. That last part is important. If I want to post about people being racist in Japan? I'll do it. If I want to post about robots prancing through Shinjuku? I'll Do That Too. Robots are awesome. If I want to post a 3000 word essay about Chikans and Yakuza? I'll do that. Because... THIS IS THE INTERNET. And I'll do whatever I damn well please.

I've been recently accused of deleting comments from my blog. It's true- I've done that. If you have nothing interesting to say, have some axe to grind, or are generally butt-hurt, I'm gonna delete your sh*t. That's what it is, darling readers... it's sh*t. Constructive criticism is fine, but incoherent ramblings are MY GAME. Because it's my blog. If you want to do that nonsense, I suggest starting your own blog. One that people can observe and judge accordingly. In the mean time... I'm just gonna continue doing my own thing...
 since IT'S AWESOME.

Let the awesomeness commence!


Asian-panda version of KISS? Yeeeesss.
The kids in my neighbourhood hang pieces of 'wish paper' on the trees in July. They're hoping for happiness and health for their families.  

These are 'Yukata,' or summer-time Kimono. They are basically bathrobes with giant arm-pit holes that you wear outside. 20 bucks says I'll finally be talked into wearing one this year.

Japanese fashion is still hilariously disgusting.

WINE. FROM A KEG. ON A BOAT. Nothing more needs to be said about this picture.

Tokyo harbor

Men's "Non-no" magazine...

Feeling supremely white.

Yup, still white.

Goddamn this girl is purdy. :)

Anime crotch-shot!!

Crotch-shots continue!!

Kumon and their less-than-enthusiastic mascot...

Friends of mine!

My students on my birthday last month...

Asian version of KISS??? What.

Seems Legit.

So... let's just take a minute and accept the things we cannot change. Like d-bags on the internet. Additionally, we should be grateful for the awesomeness in our lives. I am living in a phenomenal place, learning new things everyday... and I am a better person for it.

Oyasumi, my darlings. Stay awesome, and stay away from the jikochushintekina dadakko* types in this world. There are bigger fish.

*自己中心的な駄々っ子 (self-centered spoiled brat)

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