Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things to Conquer in Japan

I've compiled a somewhat tentative list of things I need to do/experience whilst in this glorious country;

Item One;
Mt. Fuji. Because you can't have a conquering list without a mountain involved. This August, I will climb this thing. Fuji, you're officially on the bucket list.

Item Two;
Kyoto and Osaka palaces, temples and other pretty things found in the southern part of this island. It's so pretty there, and I really have no excuse not to visit.

Item Three;
Sapporo beer! I hold very fond memories with this particular brand, and the brewery is situated in the north, which gives me an excellent reason to travel up there.

Item Four;
Nikko national park. Crap-loads of nature.

Item Five;
Tokyo fish market (best sushi in the world... Some still served twitching). I hear that you shouldn't visit Japan without checking out this place... and I have yet to do so.

Item Six;
Find a f*cking beach... This an island! Where are the f*cking beaches??? I didn't realize it until I left Canada, but we have an abundance of beaches at home. Here, I can't seem to find one. There are a couple on the west coast of Japan, but that requires a 3 hour train ride just to wear a bathingsuit that I'm already second guessing to wear.

More items to be added later.

On a totally random note, I just found Coors Light beer in Japan. I am both disgusted and intrigued by its existence outside of North America. We have a joke back home;

"What do Coors Light and having sex in a canoe have in common?"
"They're both f*cking close to water."

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! Try the veal!*

*There is no veal in Japan.

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  1. About number 4 - try climbing Mt Nantai with us on July 31st. At night. That's Nikko National Park AND practicing for Mt Fuji all in one swoop. :-)