Sunday, May 1, 2011

Golden Week Vacation

So I'm back in Tokyo for a couple days since I have a week off from work. I have been so busy with teaching and being horribly sick that I haven't had the time to update my blog. And then after a while I just was being lazy and procrastinating about it. And then my computer picked up 87 Trojan Viruses with a side of spyware, and deleted all my pictures on my computer. But thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet, I still have all of my files saved online. Suck on that, trojan76.exe!

So here they are;

ECC staff and booze! Great combos!

 This is a brand of bendy straws called "Love Love." And if you look really carefully at the picture of the car below, you will see some very startling headrest covers.

This is a pictures of the outside of a convenience store. And below is from a walk I took when I went back to Sangenjaya to visit some friends. The summer flowers are coming out and everything is looking green and beautiful!

Do you remember this guy? This is colonel sanders again, but this time he's had a makeover. An amazing makeover. Mr. Kentucky Fried Chicken has been "eastern-ized".

This is a picture I took of some stranger's ass on the subway, because he had a giant sticker on his backside advertising Peter Pan the musical. Possibly one of the best advertising campaigns I've seen in a while.

This is a bunch of friends of mine from when we went to Nichome, which is the gay district in Tokyo. We had a blast, danced all night, and met a ton of crazy bizarre characters. Everyone was so friendly and wonderful, and didn't mind at all that we didn't speak much Japanese. The guy in between the two girls was just some boy that we met early on in the night and asked for directions. Instead of pointing out where to go, he recognized that it was our first time in the district and gave us a tour! Gotta love that homo-hospitality! We got to dance in about a dozen clubs for free because we were let in by this tiny gay boy who seemed to know everyone.  Super awesome.

Also, I met these people;

Because I'm not the brightest bulb in the socket, I decided to wear a black sweater out that night... so I got super sweaty and beet-red in the face from hours of continuous dancing. But I didn't care! I'm definitely going back to this neighbourhood.

So tomorrow I'm headed back to Utsunomiya to do my laundry and clean up my tiny apartment a little, then I'm back to Tokyo the day after that for a trip to the zoo (pandas!) and a free live Jazz concert. I've gotta make the most of this vacation, since I won't have another one for a while after this. While I'm in Utsunomiya tomorrow, I also have to find a tailor that can take in my shirts and pants because I've dropped another dress size and all my clothes are starting to look like they're drowning me.
Oh yeah, and I bought a bike. And a fish.
And I drank this beer.

That is all for now!

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