Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can I rent a Sherpa for my luggage?

Tomorrow I have to move again. I am so sick of dragging all my suitcases all over Japan. Granted, the company is offering us a considerable amount of money as an incentive at the end of this journey, but what if the journey never ends?

You can choose to ignore that last bit, I'm feeling rather dramatic today.

So yesturday was a friend's birthday, which is good as any excuse to be rediculous and get hammered. This guy is one of those really down to earth sweethearts who just happened to grow up around douchebags, so he speaks a little 'Douchebag.' (Please note that I will be using the word douchebag as a noun, verb, adverb, and anything else I so desire from now on. Suck it.) It's not his fault; he's from California. So for his birthday, I demanded that he gel his hair like a douchbag, and complete the ensemble with a popped collar. Poor guy even had a polo golf shirt on hand. He had no chance at any visual redeeming qualities after that.

I'm still kind of impressed with myself for convincing him to dress like this on his birthday. But anyways, we got rediculous;
I would also like to point out that this was the BEST picture I could find of myself from that night. I was having one of those absolutely-not-photogenic days, where I was subconsciously jutting out my chin and making stupid faces every time someone snapped a photo. It only got worse as my BAC increased. I'm not showing you.

But here's the rest of his birthday pics, since I promised to post them;

In true Japanese EVERYTHING MUST BE ADORABLE style, I found a birthday cake that had a diameter of about 2 inches (that's 5cm for all of you on the metric system).

We then went out and got hammered. The End.

On a much more important note, this happened;
I gots me a cover for my phone. And it's AMAZING. 'Nough said.

So my fellow ECC'ers and I have started a tradition where we salute the company every time we see an advertisement for it. It's a bit ridiculous, since the company advertises EVERYWHERE, but it makes seeing a reminder of your boss everywhere more tolerable. Wow, that sentence was terrible. Sorry about that. But instead of going back and editing my work, I'm just going to show you more pictures;

 Not quite sure what that last one was about, but it's there. He's channeling Captain Morgan, I guess. Moving on!

Sunsets and skyscrapers. I think this last picture's actually an opera house. But I'm not sure. Wakaranai.

Something that has dawned on me since I've arrived here is that Japanese people are OBSESSED with food. I can't emphasize that enough. Food is like a hobby to them.No, it's actually more like a crazy excessive passion. You would think there would be more fat people here with all the crazy amounts of food-related media in Japan. There are entire tv shows where some random dude just sits there and eats. And a panel of judges talks about the food while he eats and comments on how he's eating it. They even have close-up shots of the dude chewing and nodding FOR EVERY BITE. I've seen hours of this (probably why I don't watch a lot of tv). Talking about food, eating food, talking about where you'd like to eat food, reminiscing about food, thinking about rubbing food on your face, is all part of Japanese culture. I've seen whole conversations about what he or she had for lunch today. It's insane. That being said, I caught myself starting to catch the food fever, when I took a picture of my sandwich at work;
Granted, this sandwich was amazing. It was a bacon salad sandwich. Think 'potato salad' and substitute the potato for tons of bacon, and that's what you get. But you can't actually see the bacon because I suck at taking pictures and I left the flash on. My bad.

And now, a picture of a Japanese house;

This house is 3 meters wide. Adorably Japanese.

And finally,
Some fantasic rainbow tie-dyed mc hammer pants that i saw in the subway. I laughed, but I think I secretly want a pair. It would definitely cover my costume needs for Halloween next year.


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  1. The 'vagina' building (shinjuku) as we called it, is actually a design college/university.