Thursday, March 7, 2013

Japanniversary Part Deux!

So this is it. I've officially been here for two years. Woot.

During that time, my world has shook, both figuratively and literally. But let's not dwell on the past. Let's move forward. Ekimasu!

Have you ever heard of the LBH's? Probably not. It's an acronym that's only known to a very select group of individuals over here. Try and guess what it stands for- Don't Google it! Here, I'll give you a hint;
Still nothing? Alright...
It (apparently) stands for Losers Back Home. Now, I know this is kind of cruel, but I've heard it said on several occasions. Usually paired with "I can't believe that guy is dating (JAPANESE SMOKING HOT LADY-FOX). She's way out of his league. He's probably a LBH."
The first couple times I heard this acronym spoken out loud, I just assumed it was a bad joke. But, after the third or fourth time, I started asking questions. And it's apparently kind of a big deal.
"When in Rome."
It turns out that the fantasy is kind of true. Yes, you can move to Japan and find a smoking hot Japanese wife who is way out of your league. Let the games begin!

On a totally unrelated note, here are some of the things that caught my eye this past month!

The butt-end of a marathon just starting in Hachioji-ku

Pretty girls in tiaras

Exceptional Frank impersonation!

Hanami is coming... on your cup.

Kyari? Why? You were so awesome....

Miss Lisa's outtakes.

S'up? Jus hangin out. In full doll costume. At the mall. Well, in front of the mall. In the middle of the day. I'm too cool for pretty much anything else.

Take a REALLY good look at this picture. There are at least 30 things wrong. Hint: The dog is not the problem.

"Golly! I do love cake!" Said everyone in this picture.

Explaining DDR to white people.

I was SO SURPRISED AND HAPPY when they told me that they had added complimentary hay-fever allergy-inducing  FLOWERS to my coffee. SO HAPPY.

This one made me do a double-take. Look closely.

A friend of mine whooping my ass at texas holdem.

A rice paddle. A palm-sized spoon that has absolutely nothing to do with discipline. Taped to a wall at a junior high school. For 'good luck.' MMMHHMMM....

I saw this and I don't even care what it's for. Nobody should.

According to the Japanese, the ugly guy on the left magically turns into the hot chick. But sadly, nobody cares.

The Expendables, in mini asian formation.

Why is he sweating???

A friends birthday.

Hipster moment captured!

Amanda's boat.

She said she HAD TO take a picture of her food, since it was her birthday.

Passive-agressive bear is at it again!

This was so fantastically awkward I had to post it.

The start of the spring hanami!


We are totally posing for the ladies. We are totally into women. We love boobs and stuff.

OMG you guys! *breath* There's a candy bar *breath* made of oreos! *breath*

*Inappropriate hip-thrust!*

Oyasumi! And thank you Japan for two fantastic years. Je me souviens.

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  1. I saw the pic of a woman holding a spit roast and had to google it.

    The 1000 yen all you can drink alcohol weekends 7pm to 10pm (Beer Carnival) caught my eye!

    Need to take a posse to Minami-Osawa station Keio Sagamiharasen and get into that meat/booze extravaganza!