Monday, April 9, 2012

Hanami!!!! Part One of ???

Tokyo looks like it's been dusted with pink powdered sugar... 

 There's something called Hanami here in Japan. They call them cherry blossoms everywhere else.  It's breath-takingly beautiful. And people in Japan like to go to 'Hanami Parties,' where you basically go to a park filled with these flowering trees and play drinking games and hang out. And I've been doing just that for the past couple days. Most of these pictures were taken in Kudanshita, but they are everywhere. The flowers only last for a couple weeks, and so everyone takes full advantage of the opportunity.

 Me with my stunning Canadian friend

 I was introduced to some drinking games that I didn't even know existed that day... and that's saying something :)
 She's holding a penis-shaped lollipop... it was way funnier at the time...

 Winter makes me feel like crawling underneath a blanket, but spring makes me feel like running around with a big goofy smile on my face. It's kinda hard not to, with friends like these...

 This picture would have been so much better with some MOTHER F*CKING FOCUS.

 Big things!
 Dancing in front of big things!

 Night-time Hanami; Just like day-time Hanami, but with pretty lights.

This is definitely not the last time I'll be posting with pictures of these beautiful trees, but here are some other random pictures I've taken recently;
 I've been here in Shinjuku for a week now, and I'm still staring at all the shiny lights like a 4-year-old.
 So... there's this giant concrete bowl in the middle of all this traffic that seems to serve no purpose. I'm thinking it's an offering plate for Godzilla...
 Now, I'm not completely 100% sure on this one, but I'm ALMOST positive that says "UNDERWEAR" in Japanese... which means that I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE PLACE TO FIND THE MYTHICAL 'USED PANTIES' IN JAPAN.  Cross that one off the bucket list!
 Just use your freaking imagination.
 If you haven't figured it out already, some of these pictures were taken in the gay district...
 Hilarious! Elmo's looking into mortgage options!
 I wasn't totally sure what this guy was doing... but I wasn't the only one who took a picture of it...

 FRIED CHEESE!!!! Only to be outdone by bacon and sausages (see below)!

 What's this? Oh, it's no big deal... it's only SAUSAGES WRAPPED IN BACON! ON A STICK! IT DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS.
 But wait- it's Tokyo... so it totally does get better. Behold: the Gayest Elevator in The World.
 Making out with a frog...

 A 'smoking section' in Shinjuku. Just a couple thousand people having a smoke- simultaneously.
 A friend of mine bought her fortune from a vending machine- basically a super complicated fortune cookie. Upon closer inspection, it says that she should 'be wary of urinary infections'... that was a little too specific for comfort.
 So... shiny...
 A Harajuku Girl.

 Some dude eating meat on a stick!
 I dare you to figure this sh*t out on the first try...
Spring makes everything better... let's just keep it this way.


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  1. Hey Vivian!

    Looks like fun..Great photos:)
    Btw, I finally made it to Japan. Living in Yamanashi...