Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dr. No

They tell us from day one that we shouldn't make friends with our students.

"It's messy. Too many problems could arise. It's best just to maintain a professional relationship."

Well that's all well and good, but reality dictates otherwise. As teachers, we create a bond with our students. We are supportive and friendly, and sometimes we connect to them outside that "strictly professional" relationship. And I'm not trying to suggest anything pervy here. Simple human connections are formed. We meet them for drinks. We share personal information. We talk. The word "bonding" comes to mind, but I don't like it.

Anyways, there is a student at one of my schools who has taken a shine to me. He's an exemplary student, always does extra homework, and makes a genuine effort to learn. I like him. I admire his ability (mostly because my inherent laziness says I could never be as good as him). In his day job he's a doctor, and a brilliant one at that. So when he requested more lessons from me, I was happy to oblige, despite my co-workers teasing that he was interested in "more" (that means my BOOBS, for those of you too dense to tell).

One day I was walking home from work, I take a deliberately long route home since it's the only legitimate exercise I get, and he pulls up in his SUPER expensive hey-look-I'm-a-doctor-car alongside me and offers me a ride to the station. I declined, since I was genuinely interested in my walk and trying to maintain that professionalism that the company is always pushing. Although a week later was a different story; I had seriously bad blisters on the backs of my ankles from a misadventure involving wet running socks the day before, and I had just missed the bus.

So I was walking in a constant state of pain, and seriously considering hailing a taxi- when he pulls up again, with the same offer and a cheery smile. I practically jumped through his window. What happened next was perfectly appropriate and nice. He was a gentleman; making small talk and talking about English lessons. He drove me to the station (I made a point of not letting him drive me all the way home), and said goodbye.

Flash-forward a couple months. Every Saturday, and sometimes Sundays on my walk home, he pulls up in his SUPER-AWESOME-SUPER-EXPENSIVE-MERCEDES-CONVERTIBLE and offers me a lift. And now, after accepting 5 or 6 rides, I can't say no. We've created a bond. We're friendly (and still always courteous). But sometimes I WANT to say no. Sometimes I want to say "please fuck off, I'm having a grand old time walking down this street, and yes, I'm fully aware of how ridiculous it looks."

So now I kind of dread walking home. Which is a shame, since it's one of my favourite parts of the day. It's my 5 km moment of solitude- away from overly-cheerful children, and fake-smiling Japanese moms constantly judging me. I catch myself looking over my shoulder for that oh-so-f*cking-beautiful imported car. I'm torn between this super nice doctor and his shiny automobile and my moment of bliss. But then yesterday, SHIT GOT WEIRD.

It was pouring rain (because in Japan, it rains in November, apparently). I was waiting at the bus stop to go home, but I had 30 minutes to kill before it got there. I decided to check out the bus schedule on the other side of the street, heading in the opposite direction, since they both ultimately end at a train station, and even though it would take a little longer, it would eventually lead to home. While I was on the wrong side of the street, I saw the doctor in his white mercedes driving down the route I would usually take to walk home. Which means that I missed him- my opportunity for a ride home that day, in the pouring rain. I wasn't particularly opposed to the idea of missing him, but I definitely saw HIM driving HIS CAR down the street away from me. I then proceeded to cross back to my side, and wait for the bus.

10 MINUTES LATER, HE PULLS UP. IN FRONT OF ME. As if I hadn't seen him drive off earlier and he was just "in the neighbourhood." Now, this set off some alarm bells in my head. Why the hell had he doubled back? This is a one lane road with nothing interesting on it. HE WAS LOOKING FOR ME. Now, am I total dick for thinking of this as suspect? Are my years of cynicism finally catching up to me? All signs point to yes... but then again...

So now I'm conflicted. Should I cut off all contact with this doctor-fellow before he gets the wrong idea? I have absolutely no interest in him other than for friendly discussion, and of course, the occasional free ride. But as they say... Gas, Grass or Ass; Nobody rides for free. I'm truly conflicted.

ON A TOTALLY UNRELATED NOTE!!!!! I HAVE DISCOVERED A COVEN OF FOREIGNERS IN UTSUNOMIYA. They are fantastic, and welcomed me with open arms and a rather overly-complicated hazing ritual, which involved capture-the-flag and a pizza parlour. It turns out that I am NOT the only white chick living here, as I once suspected. There are five of us. Here is photographic evidence;
Technically, this is only one person. But proof of one will have to be proof of all for now. We went to a sushi-train restaurant. This is how much sushi we ate. For serious.

This place is adorable. Little plates of food pass you by constantly, and you can pick up whatever you like and eat it. If you like, you can order something special, and it's sent out on a yellow bowl just for you, and it makes music when it reaches your table. Each plate is 105 yen. T'was awesome. T'will be back.

There was also an incident with a highly aggressive and territorial fish at a restaurant, but that's a story for another day.

The human did not win the staring contest.

Then there's this;
 "Pungency." For all your highly aromatic-tea needs.
 Pretty trees in November. Autumn makes me miss the maple leaves back home, but then I realize "Hey, it's November, and you're all freezing your a$$es off knee-deep in snow right now."

And this is a new friend. She says goodnight :)


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