Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scraps, Odds and Ends of the Summer Part Two

Once in a blue moon, I get the chance to meet someone truly wonderful at my job. I felt truly privileged to encounter such a person today. His name is Takeshi, and by his own accounts, he is a pensioner. He's been traveling the world for decades, promoting international awareness of pre-industrialized countries. As I sat down with this man for his English lesson, I immediately knew I was in for a treat. He is that wonderful grandfather type, with a soft voice and sparkling eyes that speak decades of wisdom. Listening to his adventure stories of Eastern Europe and South America, I felt incredibly humbled by him. He looks and acts like the perfect grandfather figure, and his mannerisms almost brought me to tears in remembrance of my own grandfather who has just recently passed. So I sat for almost 2 hours in total awe of this man. Listening to every word from his opinions of "kids today" to quips on international politics. He spoke perfect English, and he told me that he only continues to come to class to "flex his brain". He doesn't like getting old, and refuses to let his age slow him down.
But this man is more than just an old man with a pleasant demeanor and a million stories to tell. He also volunteers his time at a local university to teach teenagers about global awareness: "because they dont know what they're missing".

I feel truly privileged to have met this man. He not only returned fond memories of my own grandfather to me, but was truly an inspiring and striking individual. And for that opportunity, Universe, I thank you.

Now, for some more random pictures!

The other day we went to a beautiful park with a gorgeous stone-statue garden. Each statue is incredibly old and hand-carved, and there were thousands of them.

 Look! It's a baby car! This thing's like 5 feet long!
 A statue that did not entirely survive the earthquake.
 A giant tower where you can look at the scenery around Utsunomiya.
 More Scenery
Scenery with bridge.

 A restaurant with the menu written on pieces of paper and stuck to the wall.

 A super huge playground named "Adventure University" with a TWO MINUTE LONG SLIDE! Awesome.

 Molesting states.
 Drinking giant beers.
Molesting the same statue.

And then some more randomness;

Goodnight everybody! I'm tired and have to be on a train to Ginza in the morning!

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